Advanced Edition "Data Tools Next"

Real-world data circulation is an academic field to investigate the acquisition, analysis, and implementation of data in the real world. Indispensable elements in this process include mastering data processing tools that can be used across multiple fields such as engineering, information science, medicine, and economics. To develop practical skills using various data processing tools we offer special practical applied courses, Data Tools Next, for students in this Program.

These courses aim to teach practical data processing by applying knowledge obtained through the introductory courses, Data Tools First. The practical applied subjects encompass four topics: locational information sensing, robotics control, statistical analysis for marketing, and omics analysis. Although these do not count towards coursework requirements for a degree, we encourage all Program students to take these lectures and labs for their own personal benefit and enjoyment. We distribute useful materials for Ph.D. thesis work such as textbooks and sample programs. We look forward to your participation.

Subject: Location Data Sensing

Date: September 18, 19, and 22, 2014, 8:45 to 16:15
Class Room: Lab 295, IB (Integrated Building) South Tower, Nagoya University
Time Schedule:

Date AM (8:45 to 12:00) PM (13:00 to 16:15)
September 18 (Thu) SQL Android
September 19 (Fri) Overview of hands-on Basic framework and "Activity"
September 22 (Mon) "Service" and "Dialog" "Toast" and field study

Subject: Statistical Analysis for Marketing

Date: January 22(Thu), 23 (Fri) 8:45-12:30
Class Room: Leader's studio, Integrated Building(West) 6th floor, Higashiyama Campus, Nagoya University

January 22

"Analyzing the determinant of firm bankruptcy with Uninque firm-level microdata"
Introduction of Datasetes
Stata Excersice
Survival Analysis
Empirical Analysis

January 23
"SAS practical Examples"
SAS Fundamentals(Review)
Liner Regression Exercise
Survival Analysis Exercise