Admission Requirements

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Date and time: February 8, 2021 from 18:00 
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Graduate Program for Real-World Data Circulation Leaders
Application for 2021

PDF version (Nov. 25, 2020)

Admission requirements

Students must be enrolled in one of the graduate schools of Nagoya University as of April 2021 and has enthusiasm for completing this program as well as obtaining Ph. D. degrees.

  • Acceptance of applications: Feb. 15 (Mon) - 12 noon Feb. 24 (Wed), 2021
  • Schedule of interviews: Mar. 8 (Mon), 2021
    Details will be announced by mail after acceptance of applications.
  • Announcement of results: Mar. 10 (Wed), 2021
    The selection results will be sent via e-mail and announced on our website.
  • Application procedures

    Send the completed application to: . Students must submit items 1 and 2. (Items 3 and 4 are optional.) If item 4 is not submitted, an English examination will be conducted before Selection Program and Interviews.

    1. Application form (No. 1 & No. 2):application form No. 1 & No. 2 (PDF),
      application form No. 1 (Excel), application form No. 2 (Word).
    2. Transcript: To be prepared by your undergraduate university and scanned.
    3. Letter of recommendation (optional): To be prepared by your current thesis supervisor or equivalent.
    4. Copy of the applicant's score sheet of external English exams of TOEFL or TOEIC (optional): Either the copy that an applicant submitted at the entrance examination of the graduate school or a copy of the score of an examination that the applicant took within six months.

    There is no application fee.

    Notification of the results

    The selection results will be sent via e-mail and announced on our website on Wednesday, March 10, 2021.


    Leading program students have the privilege of being prioritized in tuition assistance from Doctoral Education Consortium.

    Privacy policy

    Personal information submitted as part of the application, including your name, address, and other information, is used solely for program selection, interviews, notification of results, and other businesses related to this graduate program. Personal information used for selection, including test scores, is used for statistical analysis and research about the selection method, and part of such work may be contracted out. If this is the case, we will first establish an agreement with the external contractor before disclosing part or all of your personal information.



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